Brief Profile

  • PowerSun India Private Limited is a Solar Power Venture focused on roof mount distributed KW scale and Multi-MW scale Ground mount Grid Tie Solar PV Power Plant projects in India & Abroad.
  • We excel in determining & implementing befitting proposition for energy needs of consumers with varied profiles. We deliver a meticulously designed and technologically sound Solar PV project covering aspects from Design, Development, Engineering, Implementation & Operations Management to ensure highest operational efficiency throughout its lifetime of 25 years.
  • PowerSun is a spinoff of Powercon Ventures India Private Limited – a Joint Venture with BAX Energy GmbH, Germany.
  • PowerSun has risen from a sub-100 kWp EPC project company to a MW rooftop class segment within a short span of one year.
  • World class conglomerates have chosen to incubate PowerSun by being partners for the most prestigious projects of today’s times.
  • PowerSun has a unique Solar PV power management system with remote command & control capability for ensuring optimal productivity of all its geographically dispersed installations.
  • PowerSun is a empaneled channel partner under Ministry of Renewable Energy (MNRE) for Grid Connected Rooftop & Solar Plants Program.

What We Do?

Do you want to produce your own energy? Do you want to save money and increase your security of energy supply? Let us analyze your consumption profile and design a tailor-made energy solution that suits your needs.

Which solution is the best match for your energy demand? Which technology is the optimum choice? What is the cost-benefit-ratio? To answer these questions, PowerSun looks at the technical, economical and legal framework and conducts feasibility studies and profitability analysis.

PowerSun takes care of the detailed planning of your project implementation. Detailed planning includes module sizing & allocation, Inverter sizing, wiring diagram and budget plan. With a sound plant design we lay the foundation for an optimal project realization.

We convert your thoughts in to a smart and cost-effective scheme of high quality turn-key PV projects.

Even after your solar power plant has been completed, our O&M team is at your service for a smooth plant operation. An individual O&M solution secures your plant’s yields. Have your solar power plant’s output in view at all times, minimize yield losses and increase your plant’s performance.

PowerSun Vision

To enable, enhance and ensure quality workmanship with every delivered MWh’s of energy at affordable rate and not mere MW’s of Installed Power.

Why PowerSun?

Comprehensive Specialist Knowledge

  • Tailor-made solutions for end users.
  • Can manage global projects.
  • Turnkey approach from site identification to operation.
  • EPC partners for large-scale, high performing solar power plants.
  • Excellent track record of in-house project development.

Patents & Applications

  • Wind – Solar Integration.
  • Building Integrated Wind Turbine.
  • Sensoric PV Modules.
  • PV module maintenance system.
  • Integrated RE Generation, Storage & Power Management System.
  • Renewable Energy Park Security Management System.

5 Year Horizon!

  • PowerSun Solar PV Modules Manufacturing.
  • EPCM 250MW of Ground Mount installations countrywide
  • 25 MW of Rooftop installations in MH, KA, MP & GJ
  • O&M, Optimization, Monitoring & Control of 2500 MW worldwide

Our Leadership Team



23 years of contribution in Renewables – Wind & Solar PV Domain. Inventor for Wind-Solar Hybrids. Specialization – Design, EPC & Asset Management. Established World Class Training Academy. WISE awardee as Best Service Provider. IWEF 2016 Award winning Energy Studio.



45 years contribution in Indian Army, Enercon and Powercon. Educationalist & Renewable Energy Tutor. Developed 2500+ technical commandos for Domestic & International Renewable Energy operations. Specialization – Technical, Engineering & Maintenance management.



Scientist, Mentor/Advisor. Inventor of India’s first Solar Air Conditioner. Designer of Solar PV systems & gadgets. Technology Integration & customized solution provider. Design, Engineering & Development.Panelist & on advisory board of Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy.