Perfect maintenance and Solar PV Power plant management is the most important aspect for efficient generation, consequently resulting in higher revenue streams for our customers. We equip all our plants with the most technologically advanced “Asset Management Studio”®, which includes string level monitoring in the entire solar plant to identify and correct any irregularities before it affects plant performance. Preventive maintenance and quick troubleshooting ensure that plants under our watch continue to generate power at their highest performance levels. We also prepare our solar PV plants with remote monitoring and analysis of power generation issues. We provide customers with the ability to monitor the details of their solar plant by offering digital access to its real-time performance via our client login portal.

  • Intelligence and action – those are the pillars of our services division. Many service providers focus just on action, but without the intelligence – data and the expertise to interpret it – a solar plant owner is either forced into guesswork or hiring a follow up company for help. PowerSun’s service team has the engineers and experienced technical experts to marry intelligence with action for complete in-house solutions.
  • Smarter operations that enable you to reduce costs, boost energy production and keep downtimes to a minimum can be achieved by outsourcing solar power plant management. Monitoring and supervision by an external provider adds value to your operating plant. It offers an independent and holistic view of your operations, resulting in greater reliability for your contractual availability calculations.
  • As an outsourced service, our independent and comprehensive asset management for solar power plants provides an all-in-one solution: We take over the entire management of your plant. This includes managing technical and administrative processes, verifying contractual obligations and managing supplier and customer relationships. Our team of experts will find the ideal solutions for your operation, optimizing processes on a long-term basis.

Over the lifetime of your solar PV system, we continuously optimize performance by maximizing power generation and minimizing downtime. Through our comprehensive O&M services, our clients benefit from:

  1. Maximized Yields – we deliver the highest possible rate of solar power generation over the 20+ year lifetime of each installation.
  2. Minimized Costs – we control expenses by ensuring fewer repairs, faster recoveries and less downtime.

PowerSun has devoted O&M field teams to ensure the maximum production, and constantly look for ways to optimize each photovoltaic asset’s return.