Construction of the solar power plant is not about buying the component assemble it, their protocols to follow, right form packaging at manufacturing unit to assembly at site. We confine to certain specific conditions, which is our distinction and this is something which is turns the dynamic of the project and its life… The entire supply chain- right from selection of the modules, packaging, storage, transportation, handling methods of the modules, loading and unloading methods etc.

  • Complete monitored Delivery chain….
  • PowerSun seeks the longevity of the modules should be on priority.
  • We are not in to numbers of MW’s or MWp’s, we are in to delivery of MWh’s, that separates us from any other company across the globe.
  • What is we earn is a credits when our customer earns the revenue… our earning is not because we built when the project have built. our credentials are then when the customer has optimum performing assets from us.
  • We always ensure the timely delivery of Solar modules, String Inverters and balance of system components to construction sites. Our proven construction management capabilities have provided significant value to plant owners, developers, and plant builders.
  • We believe in our strength of Integrated planning, scheduling and execution, Expertise in project-specific engineering design and plant optimization, Construction experience, Grid integration and best-of-class plant controls, Track record of Asset management award-wining performance.

PowerSun always suggest combined approach to our customers solar PV energy needs by providing solutions that are custom-made to their financial goals and aptitudes. For Asset owners, we deliver Solar PV power plants on time and on budget that are construct to maximize their economic goals, and built to provide reliable solar energy over the life of the plant.

Adequate quality control procedures ensure the ability of our projects to deliver highest generation levels and minimize future maintenance problems.